CEO's Message


Thank you for visiting Health by Tekser, sister company of long established Tekser Tourism.

Patients travelling to Turkey for various medical treatments as diverse as a Lasik eye surgery or a hair transplant or for cancer treatment, require an al inclusive one-stop Health Travel coordination. This involves both the detailed and knowledgeable medical expertise to identify the best healthcare facility for efficient and cost effective remedy as well handling the detailed travel arrangements with uttermost care.

Please feel free to browse through our pages, and ask for a freeconsultation from our resident chief doctor and our extended medical network.

We would like to find the best healthcare provider for your specific need and budget. Our objective is to provide you the
service you deserve and save you money.

Tekser will not only provide a seamless flow for your medical treatment but also will provide you a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with various travel options before and after treatment period in order to make it an unforgettable experience.

We look forward to sharing the healing power of Turkey with you!

Feyhan Kapralı

CEO - Health by Tekser