Sen Gunersel

Business Development Manager

Sen Gunersel graduated from Marmara University Communications Faculty, in 1994. She had her masters degree on Public Relations in 1997. After graduation, she started working at Tekser Tourism & Travel. She started her career as a project assistant and within the time period she worked as Project Manager and MICE Department Manager. She has been promoted to Business Development Manager since January 2015. In the meantime she received an undergraduate degree from Istanbul Aydın University on Tourist Guiding. She is still taking philosophy lessons from Anadolu University.

She was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She can speak English fluently.

Ebru Tekeli

Marketing & Sales Manager

Ebru Tekeli graduated from İstanbul University Communication Faculty at 1999. She started her career at Doğan Media Group, holding the position of Marketing Supervısor for the various national newspapers within the holding . After working for six years at Dogan Media Group, she gave a break and studied Italian language in Florence for one year. After she returned Istanbul and she worked at TIM Show Center which is a well known performing arts center. She have managed the front of house operations and strategic planning of the venue as Event Coordinator for three years. Since 2014 March, she is working for Tekser Tourism. Besides the work, she is giving seminars in Turkey about communication technics and she speaks fluent English.

Svetlana Taşgın

Marketing & Sales Manager

Svetlana Taşgın completed her medical education in Kiev and started working for Health Foundation which is associated with Ukraine Ministry of Health. After she married, she moved to Istanbul with her husband and achieved to set a new career for herself in a foreign city within a short time. First she managed the international marketing of optic and ophthalmology products for a year. Following that she started at Florence Nightingale Hospital as International Patient Relations Coordinator. During her years at Florence Nightingale Hospital, she completed Health Tourism Program organized by Istanbul Technical University. Currently, she is holding the position of Marketing and Sales Manager at Health by Tekser. Russian and Ukrainian are her native languages. She also speaks fluent Turkish.

Nilay Fırıl

Manager of Incoming & Operations Department

Nilay Fırıl graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration in 1996. She decided to prepare herself for life before graduation and applied for a position at Tekser Tourism. She started her career as an accounting assistant at Finance Department at Tekser Tourism. After a short while she was rotated to Incoming & Operations Department and worked as Account Manager until 2000. After she got married, she decided to have a break and spent couple of years by attending various seminars and courses. She focused on Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management and completed a certificate program in 2002.

She returned to Tekser Tourism in 2007 and has been working as Manager of Incoming & Operations Department.

She was born in Istanbul. She can speak English fluently.